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Best Fine Line Tattoo Studio Rotterdam

'Don't just dream your life, ink your dreams'

At Lucky Dubz Tattoo Studio we take forever pretty seriously and our main goal is helping you make your vision become a reality. We specialize in fine line blackwork tattoos. Custom made unique tattoo designs, single needle tattoo techniques and a transformative experience.

We'll make you a tattoo masterpiece with our 20 years of design experience. Talent you can trust. Experience isn't expensive. It's priceless.



Lucky Lucky Dubz tattoo artiest Rotterdam

Lucky Dubz

Owner and main tattoo artist Lucky 'Dubz' Trifonas is a former illustrator, graphic designer and art director with twenty years of extensive experience. Lucky is best known for his out of the box fine line, graphic & illustrative tattoo designs, single needle tattoo techniques and steady hands. He puts the fine, in fine line tattoos and will brand you for life with a transcendent piece of art.



Marise aka Chaos and Cosmos is best known for her feminine, cosmic style and tattoo designs. She specializes in floral and mandalas but connects deeply with her clients their vision as well. Her precise fine line tattoo techniques, clean and balanced designs and perfectionist attitude ensures an unique one-ff masterpiece that captures the Universe in ink, turning chaos in beauty.

Randy Lucky Dubz Studio tattoo artiest Rotterdam


Randy is most known for his fine line blackwork techniques, laser precision line work and timeless tattoo designs. His laid back people skills will put you at ease and ensures a positive experience in our tattoo studio. Guiding his clients from initial ideas to a durable concept, to a perfectly placed fine line tattoo. As a true master of many styles he demonstrates artistique translation at its finest.



Brazilian born and a proud member of the queer community, Thaïs has adventured around the world sharing her art and life with everyone she meets. Much like Thaïs herself, her art is an exciting mix of contrasts. She takes a lot of inspiration from nature, sometimes delicate and floral, while also working with intense black linework.



Steph aka La Moon is Known for her fine line, graphic realism technique. She likes to be inspired by the elegance of botanical and the purity of animals. She believes that in life all is intertwined, this is why she uses lines to frame and connect your uniqueness. Empathic soul, she is a listener and her favorite thing to do is draw after hearing the essence of your story.





Where You Can Find Us

Our fine line tattoo shop is centered in Rotterdam. Underneath the beautiful skyline of Rotterdam we are excited to welcome our clients in our tattoo studio located at Jacobusstraat 211 for an unique experience. Personal, homey, relaxed and minimalistic design are words that describe our tattoo shop in Rotterdam best.




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