Frequently asked questions

Getting a tattoo in our tattoo shop in Rotterdam is an exciting experience. Here you can find some of the most commonly asked questions about getting a tattoo to inform you about everything you want to know beforehand. If you still have questions after reading our FAQ, you can shoot us an email at We'll strive to answer your questions within 5 days.

  • Before you send us a request, first read our FAQ’s. The questionnaire will provide you probably all answers to your questions.
  • On the basis of the questionnaire, fill out the contact form and send us your inquiry.
    Use a ruler to give a precise idea of the tattoo size dimensions. The bigger or smaller amount of centimeters can create a significant difference in time planning.
  • Within 5 days we will send you an in-depth answer to your request, where we will let you know if your intent is to be implemented according to your preferences, and the time we are able to offer an appointment for.
  • We will contact you by email and agree on the time of the appointment. Before coming, within 5 days please transfer the deposit of 75 EUR to our bank account, indicating the purpose we sent you in the e-mail. Please check your spam folder if you haven't receive an answer from us within 5 days.
  • Your tattoo artist will prepare a design in advance or will work with you on the design at your appointment before tattooing. We never present our designs beforehand. But we always plan enough time, if necessary, the artist will edit the design for you till we hear you say: ‘It’s beautiful, it’s exactly or even better what I have imagined!